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The First Minute of a Meeting held by the Border Sovereign Chapter is from a Meeting held in the ‘Hall of Lodge St. James No.424’ at Hawick on the evening of Friday 13th December 1901, when a Petition was signed by 9 Master Masons, all members of Lodges under The Grand Lodge of Scotland and presented to the Supreme Council for Scotland praying that they should be Instituted into a Sovereign Chapter of Princes Rose Croix. Ill. Bro. Lindsay Mackersey, Grand Inspector General attended that evening and established the Sovereign Chapter in conformity with the prayers of the Petitioners.


Office-bearers were Installed and a “Working Warrant” granted until a Charter could be issued. The first Most Wise Sovereign was Sir Thomas David Gibson Carmichael, Bart.


The first meeting was held on 23rd January 1902 in Galashiels with the next two also in Galashiels. On Thursday 10th July 1902 a meeting was held in Innerleithen and up until the late 1930’s the meetings were in Galashiels and thereafter in the premises of The Hawick Lodge No. 111 until 2015 when we moved to our present premises.


The Border Sovereign Chapter No. 24 may be unique in that its Charter gives our Meeting Place as The Towns of Hawick, Peebles or Galashiels.








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Princes Rose Croix No. 24

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