a short history of the lodge

compiled for the Lodge’s 150th anniversary 

By Brother J Brown PM

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Slumber and Reawakening


No incident of importance is recorded in the minutes during the year 1870, but the ordinary routine business of the Lodge is exceptionally well detailed by the secretary – Brother Luke Greenwood.


The festival of St. John was celebrated on the 27th December, 1872, by a torchlight procession, both Lodges dining together in the Lodge room of 111.


The following three years were uneventful in the lodge's history, the lodge appearing to be lapsing into a semi – moribund condition, and after 13th October, 1874, no minutes are recorded of meetings held till 7th December, 1875. From the attendance book it would, however, appear that fourteen meetings were held, and at several of these were fair attendances.


In 1876 no minutes of meetings are recorded from 4th April till 23rd December when the office-bearers were elected and installed. According to the attendance book five meetings were held in 1877, all of them poorly attended. On the 21st may, 1878, a meeting was held at which eleven brethren were present.


It was almost a year before another meeting of the Lodge was held, on the 4th March, 1879. From the 5th august, 1879, on which date a meeting was held, but unrecorded in the minute book, till 13th November, 1883, the Lodge went to sleep.


After a few years' slumber the lodge awoke stimulated and refreshed by its rest, and since then has led, on the whole, a busy and energetic life.


It may be worthy of note that it was on the 12th December, 1883, that brother Thomas Caldwell was initiated into the mysteries of the craft. Brother Caldwell at once evinced a deep interest in Freemasonry and was Right Worshipful Master for five years, during which period he wrought unselfishly and untiringly for the prosperity of the craft, and the progress and advancement of his mother lodge, and it was largely through his energetic efforts, supported loyally by a band of brethren, whom he had inspired with his own enthusiasm, that the present lodge rooms and halls were secured.


At a meeting of the Lodge on 22nd July, 1884, it was reported that at the quarterly communication of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk shires, held at Selkirk on the 15th July, the honoured bard of 424, Brother James Thomson, had been elected and installed to the higher office of Provincial Grand Bard. The announcement was received with much satisfaction by the brethren.


On the evening of Friday, 29th august, 1884, the 21st Anniversary of the Lodge was celebrated by a soiree, concert and ball, which was held in the temperance hall, croft road. There was a crowded attendance, and brother William Morrison, R.W.M., presided at the soiree and concert, the proceedings being graced by the presence of the provincial grand master of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires, brother James Wolfe Murray of Craigletie, and brother Robert Sanderson, provincial grand secretary, while among the ladies present was a great- granddaughter of the national bard, miss Jean Armour Burns brown of Dumfries.










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