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Brother James Thomson was initiated into freemasonary in Lodge 424 on the 11th of December 1866. He played  a large part in the life of the Lodge, and was soon to become it's Bard an office he held until his death in 1888.


The Star O Robbie Burns is his most well known song and it it sung at Burns Suppers around the World. He also endeared himself to the people of his adopted town by his compositions of Hawick songs and Doric Lays his best known book of verse. 




To mark the passing to the Grand Lodge above of our famous Bard, Bro. James Thomson, the Lodge laid a memorial stone at his grave in Wellogate Cemetery on Saturday, 3rd June, 1899, eleven years after his death.


Thomson Bridge

A new footbridge built in the early 21st century (opened 2006) was named in his honor at the north bank of which stands a statue of Brother Thomson by the sculpter Bill Landles. This deptics the Bard sat at a writing desk. see below


Bards Grave Visit

Our present day Brethren pay an annual pilgrimage to his grave each year on the first Sunday in July at 1.00pm for 1.15pm. A short oration in given by brother celebrating his life and works and flowers are laid at the grave.


On line First edition

The first edition of Thomson collected works Doric Lays and Lyrics can be read on line at internet archive website



Brother James Thomson and Lodge 424  


Thomson Bridge


James Thomson Statue

Bards Grave 2013 J Thomson By Bro A McArthur